In Europe (Paris), Asia (Tokyo), and Middle East (Dubai)

Global communication agency with wide-ranging expertise in a creative field, data and network

TRENDS Group is a global communication agency that focuses on international and local brands in Europe, Asia and the Middle East

TRENDS assists brands from diverse industries in their PR and influencer relations. Here, a PR campaign for Zalando the leading online fashion platform.

Founded in 2016, TRENDS Group quickly grew from a culture boutique agency into a global company that handles PR, influencer marketing, brand strategy, and social media content consultations for key players and emerging brands in the lifestyle, fashion, sports, culinary, travel and technology industries all over the world.

Using our expertise and interest in wide-ranging fields, we carry a sequential and impactful vision that allows us to build narrative-driven communications.

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TRENDS group synergizes its strengths in influencer marketing, press relations, branded content, and brand strategy to bolster brand visibility. Their strategic approach captures and captivates audiences, creating a compelling brand presence that resonates effectively in the market.

Influencers marketing

Branded content

Press relations


Brand strategy

We craft compelling video and photo content that effectively promotes your products. As an example, here's a piece of Japanese digital content produced for Shure.
May 2016

TRENDS Group is founded in Paris

Introducing the launch of TRENDS Paris, where our ambition is to pioneer a hybrid agency model focused on prioritizing awareness with creativity.

TRENDS Group is opening its office in Tokyo

With enough experience and expertise TRENDS Group decided to expand into the Asian market.

TRENDS Group is opening its office in Dubai

The Middle East market was the next step for the agency.
Since 2016

Internationally Awarded

Since 2016, TRENDS has been honored with awards from renowned organizations, both nationally and internationally, affirming our commitment to excellence.

Our clients

TRENDS Group provides services in a wide range of markets, including lifestyle, fashion, sports, culinary, travel and technology industries

TRENDS Group uses an insightful approach when it comes to data, combining mathematical metrics with our vision of the industries.


We analyze huge amounts of influencers to crystallize our picture of trends among them.


Traditional PR approaches to journalists are becoming less and less efficient nowadays, so we are constantly researching and reaching out to the media outlets that would be most efficient and relevant to our clients.


We deliver holistic reports so our clients can evaluate and track the efficiency we provide on their own.

Finding the most relevant and impactful media has been at the forefront of TRENDS Group from the very beginning. We are working with a wide-ranging circle of influencers, from micro to celebrities. We are constantly evaluating engagement metrics, audience demographics and the credibility of both media and influencers. We make sure every partnership brings the most of it.

We use KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and a comprehensive set of metrics to measure the success of the brand content and strategy, including:


  1. Engagement Metrics
  2. Reach and Impressions
  3. Conversion Rates
  4. Audience Demographics
  5. ROI (Return on Investment)
  6. Content Performance
  7. Brand Sentiment

Teams at TRENDS Group are composed of professionals with according specialty: PR, influencer marketing, brand content, brand strategy, etc. This allows us to be as flexible as possible, making it easier to prioritize clients’ vision and goals.

"Ingenuity and innovativeness are two “I”-s that make TRENDS Group special"

Jean-Baptiste QUESNAY / CO founder and ceo


Data is the core of TRENDS Group


Storytelling is the heart of TRENDS Group


Creativity is the soul of TRENDS Group

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