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Setting a goal without a plan isn’t the best idea

Distinction from others is achievable only through meticulous planning

We create strategies that guarantee consistent storytelling, build strong customer relationships, enhance value perception and maintain long-term vision. It encompasses decisions on brand identity, communication channels, and target audience to create a cohesive and compelling brand experience that resonates with consumers.

A 360 degree KOL experience, covering the entire influencer scope

Earned Media (Free Seeding): Selectively seeding products to influencers aligned with brand ethos and aesthetic. Utilizing data analytics to identify influencers with followers matching target demographic. Cultivating genuine endorsements for maximum impact and engagement.

User-Generated Content (UGC): Encouraging users to create content featuring TRENDS group products. Fostering community and generating authentic, peer-endorsed marketing material. Analyzing UGC trends for insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.

Paid Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers whose aesthetic aligns with brand vision. Crafting immersive campaigns integrating products into influencer narratives. Leveraging data analytics for influencer selection and campaign optimization.

Brand Ambassadors: Forging strategic partnerships with individuals embodying brand essence. Extending reach and fostering genuine advocacy within the community. Identifying ambassadors through data-driven insights into audience values and lifestyles.

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