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Uber Eats celebrates Marseille's return to the European Cup with "Faim d'Europe

Uber Eats celebrates Marseille's return to the European Cup with "Faim d'Europe". To commemorate OM's return to the European Cup, the iconic club and its sponsor Uber Eats decided to launch a new slogan: #FaimDEurope. Renowned artists Alonzo and l'Algerino collaborated on a song celebrating this new expression from Marseille.

Strategic Collaboration with TRENDS Paris

TRENDS Paris collaborated with the LaFourmi agency to select and engage the two rappers, facilitating a powerful influencer activation for a teasing/reveal phase targeting "OM fans," ensuring maximum visibility for the campaign. In total, over 60 content creators were engaged, and a video quickly rose to number 2 on the YouTube trends.

Influencer Activation and Campaign Success

TRENDS Paris was delighted to support both brands in their collaboration and influencer strategy. Through strategic influencer engagement and activation, the campaign successfully celebrated Marseille's European Cup return, garnering significant attention and engagement across various platforms.

Impactful Partnership and Brand Promotion

The collaboration between Uber Eats, OM, and TRENDS Paris showcased the power of partnership in celebrating significant sporting events and engaging with passionate fan communities. The success of the campaign highlights TRENDS Paris' expertise in influencer marketing and brand collaboration.


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