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Evian baby & Me - Influencer activation

The "Evian Baby & Me" campaign brought a playful twist to the concept of youth and vitality. By featuring influencers who transform into their baby selves after drinking Evian water, the campaign emphasized the rejuvenating and refreshing qualities of the product. This creative approach highlighted how Evian can make everyone feel young at heart.

Authentic Storytelling:

TRENDS Paris expertly crafted a narrative that resonated with audiences by tapping into a universal desire to feel youthful and energized. Each video showcased influencers engaging in their usual activities, only to become their baby versions upon drinking Evian. This whimsical storytelling underscored the brand’s message that hydration with Evian brings out the youthful spirit in everyone.

Influencer Selection:

Four popular influencers, known for their authenticity and broad appeal, were chosen to lead the campaign. Their relatable and engaging personalities made the transformation into baby versions both entertaining and endearing. This clever use of influencers helped to create a strong connection with diverse audience segments.

Brand Integration:

The campaign seamlessly integrated Evian water into the influencers' daily routines, demonstrating how the product fits naturally into a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. By associating Evian with youthful energy and fun, the videos effectively communicated the brand’s core values of purity and vitality.

Impactful Message:

The videos conveyed a powerful message about the benefits of staying hydrated with Evian. By visually representing the influencers as their baby selves, the campaign emphasized that drinking Evian water can help maintain a youthful and energetic spirit, appealing to viewers' aspirations for health and longevity.

Engagement and Reach:

Leveraging the broad reach and strong engagement of the selected influencers, the campaign generated significant buzz on social media. The humorous and charming content was widely shared, increasing visibility and reinforcing Evian’s brand message. The unique transformation concept captivated audiences, driving high levels of interaction and brand recall.

Overall, TRENDS Paris created an innovative and memorable campaign with "Evian Baby & Me." By combining authentic storytelling with strategic influencer partnerships and effective brand integration, the campaign successfully highlighted Evian's rejuvenating properties. The playful and relatable content encouraged viewers to embrace the youthful essence that Evian water represents, solidifying its position as a beloved and iconic brand.



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