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Alonzo is the face of the RS X Festival pack

Alonzo is the face of the RS X Festival pack. Puma selected French rapper Alonzo to represent its new RSX festival pack, with TRENDS Paris playing a key role in ensuring the launch's tremendous success. The event served as a fusion of racing and music, featuring the debut of Alonzo's album alongside performances by artists like Dadju, and the unveiling of the new RSX festival sneakers.

Strategic Collaboration and Coordination

TRENDS Paris collaborated closely with Puma to manage coordination, public relations, and influencer relations for this extraordinary evening in Paris. With over 100 influencers and journalists in attendance, the event garnered significant exposure in specialized press and on social media platforms.

Influencer Engagement and Media Coverage

Carefully curating attendees from lifestyle influencers, music journalists, and artists, TRENDS Paris orchestrated millions of impressions on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Consequently, the event was a resounding success, igniting fervor and anticipation for both the new RSX festival pack and Alonzo's album.

Impact and Success

The collaboration between Puma, Alonzo, and TRENDS Paris exemplifies the power of strategic marketing and influencer engagement in creating buzzworthy events that capture the attention of audiences and drive excitement for new product launches. The RS X Festival Pack launch stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and creative synergy between all parties involved.



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