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Brand identity and development of the PÖ&ME Paris

TRENDS Paris collaborated with the leather goods brand PÖ&ME to craft a comprehensive brand launch strategy. The brand's founders curated models with a sophisticated aesthetic at an affordable price point, while the agency worked diligently to establish a coherent brand identity.

Strategic Brand Development

This partnership between TRENDS Paris and PÖ&ME encompassed the creation of a brand campaign shoot, product photos, logo design, brand universe development, and crafting brand messaging. Additionally, TRENDS Paris undertook management of social media and influencer campaigns, along with handling press relations for the brand.

Enhanced Visibility and Recognition

Thanks to this integrated strategy, the brand swiftly garnered recognition in the realm of Parisian leather goods, capturing the attention of numerous influencers and journalists. The brand's visibility surged through the dissemination of high-quality content across social platforms, fostering increased engagement and sparking burgeoning interest in its products.

Impact and Success

The collaboration between TRENDS Paris and PÖ&ME exemplifies the efficacy of strategic brand development and comprehensive marketing initiatives in establishing a new brand within a competitive market landscape. Through meticulous planning and execution, the partnership successfully positioned PÖ&ME as a noteworthy player in the realm of Parisian leather goods, setting the stage for continued growth and success.


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