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Celebrating 50 Years of Pulco with Les Ateliers Pulco

Pulco, the renowned brand of lemon juice, recently reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 50th anniversary in the beverage industry. To commemorate this special occasion, TRENDS Paris introduced a groundbreaking concept store called Les Ateliers Pulco, situated in the heart of Paris.

Immersive Experience

Les Ateliers Pulco is not just a store; it's an immersive experience designed to captivate visitors from all walks of life. The concept store brings together press, influencers, and the general public to delve into the world of Pulco and its innovative approach to food pairing.

Interactive Workshops

At Les Ateliers Pulco, visitors can participate in interactive chef workshops, where they have the opportunity to explore new recipes and cooking techniques using Pulco lemon juice. These hands-on experiences offer a unique insight into the versatility of Pulco in culinary applications.

Les Ateliers Pulco represents a fresh perspective on the use of lemon juice in cooking and the emerging trend of food pairing. It serves as a dynamic hub for culinary exploration, inviting food enthusiasts to discover new and creative ways to elevate their gastronomic adventures.



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