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Branded Content for DIM instagram account

Influencer Cast:

To infuse the branded content with authentic energy and resonance, TRENDS Paris meticulously curated a diverse cast of Generation Z influencers. Each member of this vibrant "family" was handpicked to embody the essence of DIM's brand identity and resonate with its target audience. Influencers such as Diamant, Moya, and Aymeric brought their passion for hip-hop dance, while Mai Lee, Leah, and Laura contributed their expertise in fashion and lifestyle content creation. Together, this carefully selected ensemble exuded powerful, communicative energy during the photoshoot, capturing the attention and imagination of viewers across social media platforms.

Photographer Selection:

In selecting the photographer for the branded content campaign, TRENDS Paris sought someone with both credibility and a distinctive aesthetic vision. Renowned photographer AlexTresCool emerged as the perfect choice, boasting a portfolio rich in fashion and cultural imagery. With his extensive experience covering Fashion Weeks in Milan, Copenhagen, and Paris, AlexTresCool brought a level of professionalism and creativity that elevated the visual storytelling of the campaign. His keen eye for detail and ability to capture authentic moments ensured that every image resonated deeply with the audience, further amplifying DIM's brand message and allure.



Project Type

Branded Content