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Emir Shiro and No Name's Creative Campaign

Emir Shiro and No Name collaborated with TRENDS Paris to launch a distinctive and artistic campaign. Leveraging Shiro's unique collage style and strong social media following, the campaign featured six original visuals prominently displayed in digital and street marketing. This partnership culminated in a pop-up event at Citadium, enhancing brand visibility and engaging the Parisian audience.

Innovative Collaboration:

TRENDS Paris partnered with No Name and artist Emir Shiro for a unique and creative communication campaign.

Artistic Integration:

Selected Emir Shiro, known for his collages and social media presence, to create six visuals used across digital and street marketing platforms.

Street Marketing Activation:

Organized street marketing in Paris and a pop-up event at Citadium to boost brand awareness among the Parisian target audience.

Social Media Visibility:

The campaign garnered significant social media attention from the artist's fans, enhancing No Name's visibility.



Project Type

Branded Content