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Furokishi traditional wearing operation for Uniqlo

UNIQLO is celebrating the holiday season by reintroducing Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese art of sustainable gift wrapping. The brand has released a line of 50% recycled fabric squares with a floral design inspired by the prints of the famous painter Ito Jakuchu.

Collaboration with TRENDS Paris

TRENDS Paris collaborated with UNIQLO to create a seeding influence operation, where UNIQLO items were wrapped Furoshiki style. The operation generated exceptional press coverage in media such as Voici, L'ADN, Purebreak, Europe 1, Publique, and Libération.

Furoshiki Animation Event

Additionally, TRENDS Paris organized a Furoshiki animation at the UNIQLO store in the Marais during a dedicated afternoon on Friday, December 17. Influencers were invited to participate in this animation to reinforce the brand's visibility.

Success and Market Presence

Thanks to this successful collaboration, UNIQLO has strengthened its presence in the French market by offering an ecological alternative to traditional gift wrapping.



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