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Influence campaign for Puma and Sissy MUA

Sissy Mua, France's leading fitness influencer, unveils a new capsule collection in collaboration with PUMA! Featuring sporty designs crafted for performance, the collection showcases two sleek silhouettes adorned with burgundy and gold accents, perfect for embracing the holiday spirit! Whether you're hitting the gym or lounging in style, this collection offers both technical prowess and cozy comfort for your active lifestyle.

Guerilla Influence Seeding Operation

For this second release, TRENDS Paris orchestrated a "guerilla influence" seeding operation targeting handpicked female sports influencers.

Strategy Implementation

TRENDS Group strategically identifies and selects key female sports influencers who align with the brand values and target audience of Sissy Mua's capsule collection with PUMA.

Personalized Engagement

Through personalized outreach, TRENDS Group establishes genuine connections with the selected influencers, conveying the unique features and benefits of the capsule collection.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks

TRENDS Group provides exclusive sneak peeks and insider information about the capsule collection to the influencers, creating excitement and anticipation among their followers.

Creative Content Creation

The influencers leverage their creativity to produce engaging and authentic content showcasing the capsule collection, highlighting its stylish designs and functional attributes.

Amplification Strategies

TRENDS Group implements amplification strategies to maximize the reach and impact of the influencers' content, ensuring widespread visibility and awareness of Sissy Mua's collaboration with PUMA.

Measurable Results

TRENDS Group monitors and analyzes the performance of the influencer campaign, tracking key metrics such as engagement, impressions, and conversion rates to measure its effectiveness.

Continuous Optimization

Based on the insights gathered, TRENDS Group continuously optimizes the influencer strategy, refining targeting, messaging, and tactics to enhance future campaign outcomes.


Through strategic planning, personalized engagement, and creative content creation, TRENDS Group effectively leverages its expertise as a PR and influencer agency to amplify the launch of Sissy Mua's capsule collection with PUMA, generating excitement, engagement, and brand awareness among the target audience.



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