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Influence Marketing Strategy for a Pop-Up Store in Osaka

The TRENDS Tokyo agency was tasked with developing an influence marketing strategy for a pop-up store in Osaka, offering a selection of high-end products from various brands. The goal was to attract the attention of both local customers and foreign tourists.

Selection of Relevant Local Influencers

In collaboration with our client, we identified the most relevant local influencers by analyzing their content, audience, and engagement rates. We then reached out to these influencers and negotiated their participation, defining the terms of their involvement, including the content to be posted on their social media and their presence at the store's opening.

Logistical Management and Coordination

Our team handled all logistical aspects, including coordination with influencers for organizing the opening event of the pop-up store. We also oversaw the creation of exclusive content for social media, working closely with influencers to ensure consistency with our client's brand image.

Results and Impact

Thanks to this influence marketing strategy, the pop-up store enjoyed great success, attracting a diverse customer base and enhancing our client's reputation in the local market. We are proud to have significantly contributed to the success of this initiative, helping our client achieve their marketing and sales goals.



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Influencer Relations