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Lee Cooper introduces its A-H 2020/21 campaign

TRENDS Paris Unveils Lee Cooper's Inspiring Winter Collection Campaign

TRENDS Paris is thrilled to unveil its latest campaign for the Lee Cooper brand, seamlessly blending the brand's rock DNA with a vintage touch to craft an inspiring winter collection. Under the creative direction of Constance Arnoult, our team collaborated closely with Lee Cooper to develop a compelling campaign featuring influencer Lucas Omulek.

Campaign Launch and Promotion

We are excited to announce that the campaign launched on Monday, September 14 and will be actively promoted through influencer and press relations with the full support of our agency. Our partnership with Lee Cooper proved highly successful, fueled by a combination of creativity, passion, and expertise.

Success and Industry Buzz

We take pride in assisting Lee Cooper in creating a campaign that not only captured the public's attention but also generated significant buzz within the fashion industry. The collaboration between TRENDS Paris and Lee Cooper exemplifies the power of creative synergy and strategic marketing in elevating brand visibility and engagement.


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