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Influence Marketing Campaign for Orangina's Limited Edition "Onagrina"

The iconic brand Orangina has launched a limited edition called "Onagrina," featuring a playful twist where the letters are scrambled, reflecting the brand's lively spirit!

Collaboration with Artist Jean André

To enhance the influence of this limited edition, TRENDS Paris agency collaborated with the renowned artist Jean André. The agency sent customized packages to 100 influencers, including premium content featuring the artwork created by Jean André.

Influencer Competition with Just Rihad

As part of the campaign, a competition was launched in collaboration with influencer Just Rihad. Followers had the opportunity to participate and win exclusive limited edition products from the "Onagrina" collection, generating excitement and engagement within the influencer's community.

This strategic influence marketing campaign effectively amplified the visibility of Orangina's limited edition "Onagrina" collection, reaching a broad audience through collaborations with influencers and engaging competitions.



Project Type

Branded Content, Influence