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Pop-up HOFF at Printemps Haussmann

HOFF, the new generation Spanish sneaker brand, is entering the French market! And what better way to mark the occasion than by partnering with the Parisian shopping monument, Printemps?

Collaboration with Printemps

HOFF and Printemps have collaborated to create an ultra-limited edition pair of shoes, alongside the installation of a HOFF pop-up store.

Pop-Up Store Event

The pop-up will be open on Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30, 2022, featuring a coffee cart, fresh flowers, and the opportunity to discover the new HOFF collection, named Wanderlust, as well as the renowned HOFF x Printemps Haussmann pair.

Invitation of Journalists and Fashion Influencers

Journalists and fashion influencers were invited to visit this ephemeral pop-up and discover the new brand that is set to shake up the sneaker market in France.

Visibility Operation by TRENDS Paris

To celebrate HOFF's entry into the French market, TRENDS Paris has orchestrated this visibility operation with the pop-up store, capturing the attention of the press.



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Influencer Relations