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Promotion of the Tealer x Subway collaboration

Streetwear brand Tealer has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with fast food chain Subway for an exclusive clothing collection. The collaboration was launched on October 22 on the Tealer webstore and in stores. The collection, inspired by the famous painting "Lunch on the Grass," consists of caps, hoodies, short and long sleeve t-shirts, socks, and lunchboxes, offering an original and unexpected collaboration.

Gen Z-Focused Promotion

In line with its Gen Z-focused approach, Tealer also partnered with a famous TikToker to promote the collection. The accompanying photoshoot brilliantly illustrates the collection and its aesthetics, featuring young people with urban and casual styles in a natural setting, reminiscent of Manet's painting.

PR Seeding and Influencer Marketing by TRENDS Paris

To support Tealer in the PR aspect of this campaign, TRENDS Paris conducted product seeding with the media and a selection of 40 hand-picked influencers, including The.parisien, JeremiiHD, Iamlazykat, SephoraKNG, and Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar. The agency facilitated wide distribution of the collection and introduced it to a young and urban audience.

Success Metrics and Feedback

To date, both the press and influencers have expressed satisfaction, with over 120 stories and posts published since the collaboration's launch. This successful campaign once again demonstrates TRENDS Paris's ability to assist brands in communication and positioning with their target audience.



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