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Puma and Pamela Reif in fitness mode in Paris

TRENDS Paris' successful operation with Pamela Reif brought together Europe's top fitness influencers for a class in Paris. Everything was meticulously organized to offer an unforgettable experience to the participants and maximize the impact of the event.

Influencer Selection

First, TRENDS Paris carefully selected Europe's hottest fitness influencers, ensuring they were passionate and committed to their field.

Collaboration with Pamela Reif

Then, the team worked closely with Pamela Reif to create a unique and personalized fitness class reflecting her modern and dynamic approach to fitness.

Prestigious Venue and Atmosphere

The event took place in a prestigious and luxurious venue in Paris, specially chosen for the occasion. The atmosphere was festive and friendly, with lively music and elegant decorations.

Gift Bags and Fitness Class

Participants received gift bags containing high-end fitness products donated by the event's partners. The fitness class was amazing. Pamela Reif's charismatic presence and infectious energy captivated the participants, while guest influencers shared fitness tips and exercises. Participants left feeling inspired and motivated to push their limits.

Photo Shoot and Social Media

After the class, participants joined Pamela Reif and other influencers for a photo shoot, with photos shared on social media using the event's hashtag, reaching a wider audience.

Success and Feedback

Overall, TRENDS Paris' operation with Pamela Reif was a real success, with enthusiastic participants and positive feedback on social networks. This unique experience reinforced the brand image of TRENDS Paris and its partners, inspiring a community of fitness enthusiasts to excel.



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