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Second collaboration between Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi

Japanese ready-to-wear brand UNIQLO has launched its second collaboration with designer Maiko Kurogouchi, renowned for her brand Mame Kurogouchi. This new collection emphasizes clean lines and highlights feminine curves through seamless 3D knitting technology. The designs are delicate, and the fabrics modern, offering both comfort and aesthetics. The pieces, including bras, panties, and sweaters, are available in white, grey, and black to complement any wardrobe.

Seeding Influence Operation by TRENDS Paris

TRENDS Paris, a communication agency specializing in fashion and trends, initiated a seeding influence operation with UNIQLO to promote this second collaboration with Maiko Kurogouchi. The agency closely collaborated with the Japanese brand to ensure that the products were presented in a relevant manner to target consumers, employing a meticulous selection of influencers. TRENDS Paris targeted influencers with significant followings in the fashion industry, as well as those immersed in Japanese culture, to reach a broad and relevant audience for this collaboration.

Launch Event and Media Coverage

Additionally, the agency organized a launch event for the collection in collaboration with Maiko Kurogouchi, allowing influencers and journalists to experience the products firsthand. Thanks to this seeding influence operation, the collection gained significant visibility on social networks and in specialized media. Influencers shared photos and videos highlighting the collection's products, showcasing the cuts and materials. Press coverage was also highly positive, with appearances in influential media such as Vogue, Elle, and Grazia.

Brand Image Reinforcement

Through this successful communication operation, UNIQLO reinforced its brand image while drawing attention to its collaboration with designer Maiko Kurogouchi. Once again, TRENDS Paris demonstrated its expertise in fashion and trend communication, crafting an effective seeding campaign to reach a relevant audience and maximize the collection's visibility.



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