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UGC for a Hinge media campaign

For its launch in France, Hinge enlisted the expertise of TRENDS Paris to collaborate with influencers and create 12 pieces of User Generated Content (UGC).

Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy aimed to gather feedback on the Hinge app and promote it across social platforms like TikTok and Instagram through targeted media campaigns.

Remarkable Success

Since its introduction in France, Hinge has experienced remarkable success, boasting thousands of downloads.

Leveraging Influencers

Leveraging influencers to produce content and explain its functionalities, Hinge strategically tapped into the ambassadors' existing reach and engagement within their communities.

Engagement and Charm

Influencers are renowned for their charm and knack for engaging their followers, making them instrumental in driving the app's success.

Expansion of Reach

By adopting this approach, Hinge effectively expanded its reach and enhanced visibility within the French market.



Project Type

Influencer Relations UGC