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When Danone meet François, the oldest cyclist in France

Olympic Spirit:

François exemplified the Olympic spirit by continuing to pursue his love for cycling despite his age. His dedication mirrored the core Olympic values of perseverance, passion, and inclusivity. This served as an inspiration for viewers to embrace an active lifestyle.

Authentic Storytelling:

TRENDS Paris crafted a story that highlighted François' lifelong dedication to cycling, positioning him as a role model. By incorporating the notion of the Olympics, the campaign emphasized that athletic excellence and health are universal ideals that transcend generations.

Influencer Selection:

Juste Zoé, a prominent influencer, played a crucial role in amplifying this message. Her youthful curiosity and enthusiasm provided an ideal contrast to François' wisdom, showcasing how Olympic values can inspire different generations.

Brand Integration:

The campaign naturally incorporated Danone's products as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through the conversations between Zoé and François, the content conveyed how proper nutrition supports physical activity, aligning perfectly with the Olympic ethos of nurturing body and mind.

Impactful Message:

The video conveyed a powerful message of resilience and vitality, encouraging viewers to pursue their passions regardless of age. It tapped into the excitement surrounding the Olympic Games, inspiring a global audience to embrace Danone's commitment to health and well-being.

Engagement and Reach:

Leveraging Juste Zoé's broad reach and relatable content style, the campaign generated significant engagement. The Olympic theme, combined with the inspirational story of François, resonated strongly with viewers, promoting Danone's values and increasing brand visibility.

Overall, TRENDS Paris crafted an extraordinary campaign that celebrated the Olympic spirit, emotionally connected with viewers, and authentically integrated Danone's brand values. François' story served as a reminder that the pursuit of passion, health, and excellence knows no age limits, perfectly capturing the timeless values of the Olympic Games.



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