Our values

How to stay true to yourself

Having values is essential

For the agency that creates values and meanings for our clients, TRENDS Group set up a standard that we always look up to.


We greatly value that TRENDS Group is 100% independent. This allows us to be as agile as possible.


We would never be who we are today if we weren’t passionate about every project we work on.


We don’t have a formula for success that we apply to every client. TRENDS Group dedicates a huge amount of time and effort to developing a unique strategy and branding for each project.


TRENDS Group always strived to be more than just a PR agency or influencer marketing company. Our broad list of services allows us to see the whole picture while being able to adjust everything within.


Our team is multicultural and we know how much culture is valuable in a contemporary world.

Dreaming Big

To glow alongside our clients and aid in their development has always been fascinating to us. We eagerly strive to dream our wildest dreams and they use to come true.

Happy client, happy life

To work in communications, you have to be empathetic. TRENDS Group is no exception, so we are the most happy when our clients are.

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